I am Sándor Péterbencze, I have registered the peterbencze.hu and peterbencze.eu domain names. On this page, on primary domain, I don’t plan to place any valuable content, the essence is available on the secondary domains. You can have a look on them on page DNS.

If you want to purchase these domains, please visit me carrying a wheelbarrow of gold bars.

Since I reserved the personal name of many people with this registration I feel ethical to have an offer for you. If your surname is the same, I’ll give you a secondary domain (whatever.peterbencze.hu and eu). The procedure is:

  • Create a webpage for yourself,
  • Contact me and we will discuss
  • yourname.peterbencze.hu and eu will be redirected to your webpage, the mails sent to your domain will be forwarded to your favorite e-mail address
  • Free of charge.

Further conditions:

  • The domain you want must be according to the registration policy of primary domains. At selection nepotism will take place.
  • You don’t violate any law or ethics rules.
  • You take all and unlimited responsibility for all activities done through your domain.
  • You place an advertisement of dimnet.hu on your home page, because they provide us the DNS service.
  • I’m authorized to delete your registration at any time without notification.
  • Complaints excluded.

Best regards:

Sándor Peterbencze

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